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Can you consider BJJ a Religion?

Initially, the idea may appear as a burdensome notion, bordering on paradoxical. Most of you might even believe that I've lost my mind for merely posing such a question. I could be inclined to consider and reflect upon certain objections, but only if those who object truly understand the meaning of the word "religion."

Hold on a moment! Like many other Latin expressions, this one has also experienced semantic drift and a barbarous devolution over time. Many people still believe that religion involves a blend of spirituality, ceremonies filled with incense in churches, and minor prayers directed towards the Virgin Mary. This is a huge misconception!

RELIGIO (pronounced Re-li-gyo) signifies reconnection, originating from "religare." In Sanskrit, YUG, hence Yo-GA. So, is Yoga a religion? To reconnect oneself with the eternal Principle or one's own nature, like that of a warrior in our case. The individual nature is an indivisible part of the Principle. This is the true meaning of Religion.

Real Religion is not about blindly following a cult that demands passive participation in ceremonies, bowing to the supreme authority of a capricious religious class. True Religion involves reconnecting oneself with eternal truths and principles that remain unchanged throughout time, pursuing the truth that exists everywhere and within all of us, which does not belong to self-proclaimed leaders (pope, imam, chief rabbi) claiming exclusive authority over it.

As an idea, Religion may encompass specific beliefs about the nature of the Divine and the afterlife, but it does not entail coercion. We must pay close attention here. What matters is considering the possibility of higher levels of existence beyond our human experience, cosmic forces that concern us all and permeate reality. The drive to act with discipline towards personal growth is the path to follow, gradually resembling the Eternal Good, Eternal Truth, and Eternal Right, regardless of translation within the context of various cultural traditions.

There's a deep truth when my friends jokingly write on their Facebook profiles that Jiu-Jitsu is a "Religious Orientation." Embracing the holistic nature of Jiu-Jitsu and other similar arts, moving beyond mere competition and self-defense, leads to an advanced method for achieving self-improvement and psychological-physiological elevation. In short, Jiu-Jitsu is not just a sport or a way to maintain physical health; it's a powerful catalyst for individual renewal.

Authentic fighting arts aim to awaken the practitioner. That's the crux of the matter. Like other paths (DO), they work only if practiced with dedication and faith. These arts are the result of millennia of experimentation and the ingenuity of warrior classes. They don't just appear out of thin air. To understand oneself, it's essential to reconnect with one's roots, which can only be achieved through the ascent that comes from the tatami and the fighting ring. We must separate ourselves from the material practice of the sport and its temporary implications, such as fame, success, and money, and focus on the concept of "sacrifice to oneself."

Over time, subtle changes will occur in the athlete, layering atop one another. If attention is paid, these changes will inevitably lead to improvements in the individual's character and general attitude. Martial Arts are a divine gift to humanity, passed down from ancient times to our modern era of extreme civil decadence through the sacrifices of generations of fighters. Now, it's our duty and responsibility to reconnect with our roots and pass on the invaluable legacy bestowed upon us by the God Mars to future generations.

Do I seem a bit overzealous or exaggerated? So be it. Everyone is entitled to their own ideas, even me! However, please don't dismiss this short article outright and grant me the benefit

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